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Ordering Method

You may order Zymeset's products and service through fax, mail, or email. Please help us by providing the following information when placing an order:

1. Product information including catalog numbers,full descriptions, and
       unit size
2.Total quantity of your order (there is no minimum order charge)
3. Addresses for delivery** ( No PO Box)
4. Address for invoice, if different from delivery
5. Contact name, organization, telephone/fax number, email


All prices are quoted in U.S. dollars. Upon mutual agreement, the price may be converted to other currencies according to the published exchange rate on the invoice date. Freight costs and any special packaging charges will be added to the invoice. Factors attributing to the prices may beyond our control and prices are subject to change without notice. In case where the price has changed significantly, we will contact you prior to filling your order. Written price quotations, when requested, are valid for 30 days.


Previous pre-order We accept payment attached. All payments in U.S. dollars, the bank must pay. Payment by money order or wire transfer. Currency other than the U.S. may arrange discussions Zymeset. Please contact us, if this is what you like.


Upon receiving the full ordering information specified in ORDERING METHOD , shipping will be arranged within 1-3 days Monday through Thursday. If the ordering information is received on Friday, shipping will be arranged on the following Monday. All orders are shipped FOB seller's shipping point. We reserve the right to determine the shipping method that is in compliance with the regulations and the chemical properties. Unless otherwise stated, all express shipment will be arranged via either Federal Express or DHL depending on the destinations.


email: max@zymeset.com