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Zymeset qPCR Mixes are optimized ready-to-use solutions for real-time quantitative PCR assays with all the components necessary to perform qPCR. Zymeset has mixes for both - probe based approach and intercalating dye approach . Please find suitable mix for your qPCR platform from the table or product list below.

2x qPCR mix is designed for quantitative real-time analysis of DNA samples.
ĦE Strong signals and high sensitivity due to fluorescent dye.
ĦE High specificity - no primer dimers, no NTC signal.
ĦE Optimized 2x qPCR Master mixes for different real-time PCR instruments.

2x qPCR Master mix is ideally suited for:
ĦE Gene expression analysis
ĦE Microarray validation
ĦE Viral load determination qRT-PCR

2x qPCR mix is a 2X mixture of dNTPs, Hotstart Taq DNA polymerase,MgCl2, fluorescent detection dye, reference dye (optional), and buffer components.

Comparison quantitative PCR : Zymeset and Brand R

Quantitative qPCR for human £]actin gene

qPCR mix  formulations are optimized for different machines.

Fluorescent dye Probe qPCR Instruments

BioRad CFX96, Roche LightCycler 480
MJ Research Opticon, Opticon 2 and Chromo 4,
Corbett Rotor-gene 600,3000 Eppendorf Realplex 2Product Application alplex 4

ABI,7000,7300,7700,7900,stepOne Plus, StepOne Eppendorf Realplex 4
ABI7500, Stratagene Mx3000,
Mx3005, Mx4000











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